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Lawyers in Los Angeles

The Internet is a valuable tool for finding lawyers in Abogados¬†en Los Angeles. You can search for attorneys in the city by practicing area, or you can contact an attorney through the telephone or web. If you are seeking legal advice, you should know that a lawyer’s fee is based on the type of case they accept. To save time, you can also browse the websites of attorneys in Los Angeles. Listed below are some of the services that these services offer.

Abogados En Los Angeles

Lluis Law Corporation – This law firm’s specialty is challenging traffic violation charges in Los Angeles. They work with clients who have been summoned to court for DMV hearings. They also represent clients who have been charged with assault, battery, or other crimes. In addition to defending their clients, Lluis Law also helps people protect their driving privileges and resolve bench warrants. In fact, the firm has been serving the community in Los Angeles for over 40 years.

Carolina C. Gomez – This attorney focuses on defense of people facing criminal charges in the Los Angeles area. He is an expert in defending clients accused of domestic violence, petty theft, and transporting controlled substances. In addition, he also helps clients protect their driving privileges. He also works with individuals who have been summoned to court due to bench warrants. You can contact him online to find out more about his or her legal practice and whether it is right for you.