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Telehandler Training Courses

The first step to working as a telehandler operator is obtaining your telehandler operator license. This is a required course because the course will help you meet the requirements of the CPCS safety legislation. The training course will also give you the knowledge necessary to operate different attachments that are available. The final step of the training is a practical test. The tests are easy to pass, but if you fail them, you will not be able to work as a telehandler operator.

How to Do Telehandler Training Courses

Telehandler training courses will also help you obtain the necessary accreditation to operate telehandlers. Many telehandler courses include practical and theoretical assessments. These tests will ensure that you’re fully equipped to use your rigs safely. Besides, you’ll be able to get a CPCS Trained Operator card. This card is the first step in accreditation and is non-renewable after two years. The next step in accreditation is the Competent Operator card or CPCS blue card. To get this, you’ll need to get at least 300 hours of work experience and pass an NVQ level 2 assessment. Those CPCS blue cards will be valid for five years.

In addition to theory training, a telehandler training course will also provide hands-on experience and certification. The CPCS telehandler certification is a necessity for operators in the construction industry, because the misuse of a telehandler can be dangerous. CPCS offers an online telehandler training course that will teach you safe operating practices and provide the knowledge necessary to operate a towed telehandler safely.