Boudoir Photography on the Gold Coast

When I got the call from Boudoir Photography Gold Coast last week to shoot there beautiful new clients, I knew it was going to be one of the best photo shoots I had ever been apart from shooting my very own clients. The Gold Coast is truly a paradise for both amateurs and professionals. Boudoir Photography Gold Coast gives you the best of both worlds – an amazing beach front views, the most romantic environments to be photographed, a diverse range of settings and environments and, most of all, plenty of amazing women to have your photographs taken in. We have recently launched our new premium service offering the very best in sexy glamour photography to suit all tastes and budgets. With our affordable, no hassle and no obligation services, we are here to make you feel special, look incredible and leave you wanting more!

boudoir photography gold coast

Here Is What You Should Do For Your Boudoir Photography On The Gold Coast

Just before photographing her latest client, photographer Michelle decided to have some modern boudoir photo style photos done with me. She hired me to take the pictures that would turn her into the next celebrity skin care product on the cover of People magazine. Within a few hours, after completing all the errands and picking up the photographer in our Brisbane studio, we were ready to go. I assisted Michelle in putting together the wardrobe and the accessories needed for the photos and then set up the backdrop for the photos. Did I mention that we had a boudoir photography package to help cover the costs?

Michelle and I chose a chic, casual style for our boudoir photography. We wanted something soft and romantic like the photographs we had of Queen Victoria, or a more modern style with lots of colour and lines. The result was amazing – with the pictures coming out amazing. It was great fun shooting our clients and getting their permission to use their personalities in our photos. The boudoir pictures were out of this world!